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(Kalevi 17)

Veranda Hall is available on two floors and overviews the park area behind the Kalevi 17 building.
Seating is on the second floor while the first floor, furnished with a sofa and armchairs, is well suited for relaxation and coffee breaks.

Floor area:

  • first floor – 32.1 m2
  • second floor – 32.9 m2


Capacity: 10 people

Seating: U-shape


  • TV (hdm, wga2, speakers, with aux input) on the second floor
  • Standard size flip chart including markers
  • Sofas and armchairs on the first floor
  • Water dispenser


Pricing: min. 50 EUR

  • 25 EUR per hour
  • 150 EUR per day


Coffee breaks and lunch
Coffee, tea, budget lunch (a selection of pies, cakes, and sandwiches) or standard lunch is offered by restaurant Spargel.

Opening hours
Veranda Hall is available Monday-Saturday 8 am.-6 pm.


Kristjan Kasemets


+372 58601704

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Veranda hall - Pargisaal